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It's Not Okay

I broke my silence after 40 years with this song that poured out of my heart as I listened to so many people, from all walks of life, tell their stories about all forms of abuse.  As the world speaks out now about #MeToo, I want to share my musical message of it's not okay in hopes that it inspires people everywhere to find the healing they deserve and stop the many forms of abuse including the ways we abuse ourselves with negative self talk, staying in bad relationships, and not protecting ourselves. 


Did you just expect that we would somehow forget?                              

And one day this would not really have an affect?

How could you just stand by and watch the fists fly?

And block out the nights when all we did was cry?

Where were you when it was happening to me?

You say that you didn’t know and you didn’t see?

How is it possible that you missed the signs?

Of a hurting body and crossed boundary lines

Where was the protection?  How you couldn’t stop it?

Upon further reflection, how you wouldn’t stop it?

And you still don’t seem to understand

What it’s like living in confusion land

My head said yes, but you said no

But somewhere inside I knew it was so

I kept asking and you kept lying

And that’s how we learn to keep denying

That it ever happened at all

Put on a happy face and play ball

Inside the truth sleeps until one day

Light shines in the dark places hidden away

And we remember the horror and a face

That took our innocence without a trace

Used our body and twisted our mind

To believe that we were at fault

 Or one of a very special kind

The trail of victims is long and deep

And the pain won’t end until some die in their sleep

Why aren’t children protected in their homes?

Why do victims end up feeling so alone?

I dare to speak out and I pray my friend

That this crime against so many, will come to an end

It’s NOT Okay to abuse and use anyone   

It’s NOT Okay to abuse

It’s NOT Okay           


Lyrics Written By:  Linda Newlin   Copyright 2011  Love Your Self Album

Girl Power
Gender-based Violence
Human Rights
Latin America and the Caribbean
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