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Initiative Update

Join a Brave Space

Even as tech brings us together, cuts across borders, builds communities, and brings us information with the push of a button, very little can truly substitute the human touch. This makes it important for technology to be functionally accessible and feminist - as the Feminist Principles of the Internet beautifully articulates it. Bearing this in mind, and after many conversations with some amazing feminists, Saahas has taken on a more humane shade with two little curated spaces for survivors: The Healing Corner and Dear Survivor.

The Healing Corner is a brave and safe space that helps you with resources to help cope with the stress, anxiety, PTSD, fear, discomfort, anger, and a range of feelings that come up after experiencing gender-based violence of any kind. We welcome survivors to treat this space as a sandbox where they can rely on tools that can help them in the here and the now, to tide over episodes of feelings and discomfort.

Dear Survivor is our invitation to survivors to be part of a brave space. A space of solidarity, of love, compassion, and empathy. Navigating spaces while facing trauma, battling systems and structures and oppressors and abusers, and processing your truth can be scary, challenging, and lonely for some. Through a series of letters, videos, notes, and artwork, the Saahas Community has come together to create a brave space for survivors. Do visit the page, scroll down, and step into the brave -- Our lovely, lovely Tamarack Verrall wrote a powerful poem for survivors for this section, too!

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