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Law of forgiveness

I was jsut interviewing one of my blind student for admission. I would like to share about one of the particular part of our conversation.

Me:  what do you think is the best of you and in your life?

Student: I just follow only one simple law. Yes, I follow the law of forgiveness.

I was seriously impressed by her answer. She just turned 15, her answers were really impressing and motivating.

 In turn she asked me a question saying “Do you know this law of forgiveness never fails?

She elaborated her experience.

At times when my fellow people do apologise to me a small ego thought flash in my mind saying that “why should I forgive them, instead of punishing them?”

Some inner concern used to say me that “my mom forgives me when I was mischievous and corrected me in the right path”. My teachers guided me when I did mistakes and they also forgave me in so many incidents. Then why should not I reciprocate the same to others.

She continued saying that the act of forgiving others is something like that lightens my mind and gives me to walk in the way of my life with more courage and happiness. I have experienced in my life where some people whom I trusted offended me. Some did knowingly and some did it unknowingly.

Through my experience and knowledge I found that the easiest way to handle those people and situation is to “FORGIVE” them. In that case I can maintain a smooth relationship with all the people. That is how I developed the law of forgiveness in my life.

Yes, she is right.

Forgiving not only makes our life more peaceful but also adds grace and smoothness in maintaining relationships with others.

Forgiving  is not an act of weakness or loss. I understood from my conversation with my student that it is an act of strengthening.

Forgiving others is adding more blessings into our life.                                                    


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