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Everyday, we wake up in fear and panic because the news about Coronavirus has become the order of the day. With every passing second, the toll keeps increasing and this keeps everyone worried.

People are tired of being home and this is beginning to weigh them down because they are sick of being home. 

Parents are worried for their families, because it's really hard to survive. People are getting more depressed and are gradually losing hope, especially when the news about great nations unable to control the situation hit their ears.

What even makes things worse is the misinformation out there. People are being given a lot of false information and myths spread like wildfire.

All these have made me in person so sad. At times I wish I had super powers to control the situation,  or I had the ability to help everyone in need right now. I am overwhelmed with bad news in the air. 

I am tired of focusing on the negative energy all around me. I have chosen to cling to hope. 

I have chosen to radiate that energy of hope which is building up inside of me. I want to share this positive vibe with the world.  I want to heal the minds of people. We all need some hope to ride on.

That is why I have started a campaign  #HealTheWorld

Please join this campaign and say a positive word to reassure those around us.

Remember "As we make our light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do same"

#HealTheWorld dear World Pulse sisters.

Join me today!!!

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