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Letter to my daughter – You are beautiful and loved

All babies are beautiful and so are you my lovely daughter.
When I held you in my arms for the first time, I said to myself, ‘she is beautiful and loved’.
So I prayed that God will keep you safe from harm and express divine grace in your life.
I fear when I think of all the bad things happening to good people in our world
I fear because I know that I cannot always be there for you – to protect you, to keep you away from harms’ way;
I therefore write these few words for you and hope and pray that your journey through life would build you not break you; would inspire you not discourage you;

All babies are beautiful, both boys and girls.
Baby girls grow up to be women and thrive on love of family and friends.
Society however expects girls to be calm, peaceful, beautiful and pretty much domesticated.
You have an independent streak, a fighting spirit and resilience far above your years.
I fear that the world would try to keep you down, ‘grounded’ they would say.
I fear that in order to fit into the mould, you may concede a bit…you may lose yourself.
Stay true to yourself, and don’t give up on your dreams.

When the time comes, you would find that others are attracted to you.
You can also be attracted to others and seek companionship, love and comfort;
Remember always that all relationships are built on mutual respect.
And no one is held in higher esteem more than the other
Don’t be a ‘pleaser’ failing to recognise your own needs and your own worth
In all circumstances, stay true to yourself and have faith

Don’t accept abuse as an answer to resolving disputes
Don’t acknowledge physical violence as a sign of love
Don’t succumb to emotional violence as a means of keeping the peace
Don’t tolerate sexual violence, it is indignity perpetuated by myths and silence
Don’t manage economic violence as a means of survival;
Don’t endure psychological violence; it weakens your will;
Rape must be condemned vigorously: Against your will is against the law;
A cut invades your privacy and is against your rights if it serves only to preserve a cultural practice;
Violence creeping into relationship, eventually harms it and the people in it;

Speak up for what you believe in;
Stand up for what is right;
Speak out against injustice everywhere;
Encourage and support other sisters whenever you can – sisterhood is global.
Life is sometimes not easy but it can be enjoyed and cherished.
Study hard, play hard and live smart
You are beautiful just the way you are and let no one tell you otherwise.

Lots of Love,
Your mother

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