Lifeline Initiative Against Drug Abuse and other Social vices (LIADAS)

Lifeline Initiative Against Drug Abuse and other Social vices (LIADAS) is a community based initiative that seeks better for the youth

Life is a funny journey that only fools laugh at it tricks. What we make out of ourselves in the while that life lasts, is potentially up to us. Sad, this reality is well known to a few worldwide. I and my LIADAS team in Nigeria are creating this consciousness by helping people come to term with the need for a life of purpose and the following life decisions to help them live more fulfilling lives. It is an idea borne out of pain because we see a lot of social vices such as unnecessary prostituting, unwanted pregnancies leading to abortion, early/child marriage and of course the lose of self worth of the girlchild in the society.

We pray, we can reach more parents especially mothers in various communities, to help them unlearn unhealthy practices such as early/child marriage because the experience and effects, though summountable, are by and large, not necessary. Why should a woman give out her underaged child in marriage just because the husband is rich? Not even minding the health and moral implication of such action on the child. On the other hand, why are girls so loose as to cohabiting with different men all in the name of dating for marriage? Our moral standards are dropping and the mode of dressing is not helping our generation at all. How can we talk of rape when the victims are dressed seductively and luring the men as the go about. My take is that blames have never solved any know problem. Let's all wake up to rasing the moral standards again irrespective of the current status quo. If we fail, our world is Damned.

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