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Initiative Update

Liluye's Collaboration with Busayo and her Women's Center (WIDC)

Liluye is excited to partner with long term, venerated World Pulse member and gender based violence advocate, Busayo Obisakin and her Women Inspiration Development Center (WIDC) in Nigeria. The joint collaboration will be to empower girls and women who had been trafficked to reintegrate back into society by providing them with a viable trade, income, psychological and health resources, as well as agency training to economically empower them to create their own businesses.

To learn more, or to like and follow Liluye, here are the links:

Liluye and WIDC will be helping to empower trafficked warriors by enabling them to attend a powerful, one year training that consists of three months of intensive trade education to learn how to make ethnic, sustainable handbags first, then shoes (and potentially other items), and nine months of in-house production and agency training, including saving towards the establishment of their own business, after the completion of the course.

This is more about Busayo's WIDC center and fundraiser: GlobalGiving.

Thanks so much for reading, and supporting Liluye and WIDC! Let's give more girls and women their wings back to help them soar!

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