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LISTEN to the Roaring Sea Shell and Don’t just HEAR

Have you ever heard a seashell? Have you ever pondered, even just for a while, even for a second, on this fact, that, what IS the difference between 'Listening' and ‘Hearing’? And to add to this, what is the link between a Seashell and Sea? What is the link between 'Womanhood' and evolution of creation or simply, the birth of life?. Why the majority of the renaissance paintings have Seashells, water, and Women in them? Well, there is s silent and subliminal message in this to all those, who have been intentionally deaf and dumb all this time. Why? Well, either just for their own benefit or simply because they do not consider a feminine voice', vital enough to be ' LISTENED' to. According to the Literal definitions found on Google, the difference between Hearing and Listening is that Hearing is simply the act of perceiving sound by the ear. Hearing is natural and it simply happens. Listening, however, is something you consciously choose to do. Listening requires concentration so that your brain becomes able to process from words and sentences. Now, I come to the topic of the connection between sea shell and the sea. A seashell is a fragile and beautiful part of the sea, which the sea beautifully accepts and owns. A seashell is very precious to a sea within it. Every secret of the sea, enfolded within the noise of the waves and every whisper of the creature, residing inside the sea is absorbed by the seashell. A seashell cannot see. But it can hear, Listen and Feel. All the divine happiness and beauty, that is present in the sea is listened and felt, and eventually transformed into a pearl inside the seashell. However, the chaos and the usage of power by the deadly creatures is absorbed as the heart-wrenching noise inside the seashell. Can you hear all the secrets of the sea? Well, yes. Just bring a sea shell closer to your ears and you will hear the sound of the waves. But beware. It is not noise. Almighty has given every living being, a way of expressing its agony and raising its voice. But Alas! We humans! , we are so unfortunate and ignorant to LISTEN and comprehend what the divine has blessed. A seashell symbolizes ‘WOMANHOOD’. Divine has always bestowed honor upon womanhood in every stage and phase of time and life. And some ignorant humans have always brought shame to this honor by disrespecting women. People collect seashells from the beach and considering them important, keep them safe and value their worth. But in that very real world, like it is said that there are two sides of a picture and the other side, I must say, dark. For me, a sea shell, symbolizing womanhood, is being disrespected, denied and dishonored in every part of the world. It is sad and hearts wrenching, that, women are being Beaten, Abused, Molested, Incested, Assaulted, Sexually harassed, Raped, Trafficked, Bullied and eventually slashed into pieces globally. Be it physically, mentally, Emotionally, Psychologically or Verbally. And the seashell, be it the breasts of a woman or a vagina, mutilated in the name of honor. Be it a premature baby girl, aborted in the womb of her mother. Be it the cheeks of a girl, gotten rosy red, by the force of the slaps on her face that she has replied back to a man. Be it the pretty face of a girl, burned with alcohol, because she said no to a proposal. Be it the hands of an innocent teenage girl, tied tightly while savagely committing gang rape or be it simply, the whole body of an innocent woman, upon putting an allegation of felony (adultery) and stoned to death, just because her husband wanted to quench his sexual thirst with a new and younger girl. Alas! a woman is disrespected. “WOMAN’S HONOR is just HEARD as a word to YOU But has been LISTENED as yet By a very few Whenever this pure sea shell says NO to some B*****d’s lusty woo He takes revenge and his ego utters Hey C***t! S***w you !!! But NOW LISTEN carefully and forget HEARING This once mute sea shell Has stopped baring For she knows Although YOU are not hearing her, however, GOD, the almighty, is LISTENING To her, RISING ROARING LISTEN!!!! THE MUTE SEA SHELL IS NOW ROARING\"

Gender-based Violence
Positive Masculinity
Human Rights
South and Central Asia
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