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Due to the surge in the shadow pandemic of physical including sexual violence inside and outside the home in Nigeria during the COVID 19 pandemic, A lot of Nigerian girls have lost their confidence and have become so disempowered to the point of despair. This is because of the high level of insecurity of girls in the country as the world continue to battle with the effect of COVID 19. Girls are no more safe anywhere in Nigeria. They are not safe in the school, they are not safe on the street or even in the corner of their homes which should be a safe haven for them, their lives are seriously threatened. Girls experience rape by their close relatives, step fathers and even their own fathers. Since eliminating violence against women and girls is pivotal to achieving gender equality and sustainable development goals and it is like we have gone 10 years backward as a result of this pandemic. The time is now to engage, mentor and help girls regain back their confidence, which is paramount to raising their voices in their communities for policy makers to be intolerant of sexual and physical violence, encourage balanced power in relationship and provide more legal, social and financial supports for survivors and activists. I am going to establish Confident Girls Club(CGC) in 200 school across 30 states in Nigeria and also build Confident Girls Radio App that the girls will be accessing in supporting one another.

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