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Malhaar Virtual Video Festival

Malhaar Virtual Video Festival is originating to bring the work of those rare craftsmen, called filmmakers or content creators, who are able to stitch together the countless human emotions and be able to present it in a viewable format for the rest of us to soak in. Find it as our own voice or find a thought to ponder over

Build a collective consciousness or an independent point of view Locked in our own houses, we had the liberty to spend the most amount of time with ourselves. During these turbulent times, many of us had to confront our deep-rooted emotions that wouldn’t have easily surfaced

Some found positivity during these times of profound soul searching and some went into the depths of distress with confrontation at several levels of survival

Lockdown not only stopped our physical movement, but also the man-made vicious circle we were running into. It brought out thoughts and emotions that are un-parallel to another time experienced in the history of mankind. Most of us froze, some worked hard to figure it out, others let go and some couldn’t take it

But, a few gems amidst us had the vision and the insight to document these moments, in fiction and non-fiction. They expressed how they felt, they dared to present the unbiased perspective. To those few rare individuals, we call out today

Come, join us in showcasing your magnificent captures of lockdown that definitely will leave a lasting impression in the minds of most, for years to come
A story is best when it is told. A story breathes when it is heard

43 extra ordinary short films created by filmmakers across 22+ countries, 18 languages are now ready for you to watch it together with friends, colleagues and family

Positive Masculinity
South and Central Asia
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