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Mavayna Manav (Mansi) Social Activist

“Mavayna Manav(Mansi)” A highly motivated young humanitarian who has decided to dedicate her life to empower women. She had won so many Prestigious Awards for Sustainable Development Goal’s SDG’s, She has taken up many causes which aim at improving the lives of women and children. But, her major focus is towards passing the torch of self-awareness and self-love through positive and motivating discussions on female health and menstrual hygiene. It has been because of her drive to encourage women to freely talk about menstrual hygiene.


She is appointed Ambassador in 20 countries for prestigious organisations.


Her story was also published in the top magazines worldwide.


Just completed Graduation from the Delhi University, she has been tirelessly working towards all her goals, which are aimed at the betterment of society and the world. Mavayna has now conceptualized the idea of PADYATRA, which is going to be the world's first and longest walk of its kind. Through PADYATRA, she aims at making the talks on menstrual hygiene a part of the mainstream discussion among women and girls, specifically coming from the weaker economic sections of the society. 


Taking the world's first and longest journey (yatra), titled \"Pad-Yatra\", is to soon begin a country-wide awareness about the Demon, for Menstrual Hygiene and women empowerment for poor, mavayna firmly believes in passing the torch of self-awareness and self-love through positive and encouraging talks on female health and menstrual hygiene. 


she sincerely hopes that the youth, across regional and linguistic divides would join forces along with her team and help in removing the taboo surrounding periods and hence lead to open talks and discussions on female hygiene. 


She had to fight misogyny, stereotypes, and cognitive dissonance to get where she is today. Her life is an example that when life throws lemons at you, better make some lemonades!


During the lockdown, she became a Corona Warrior by taking up a drive to distribute sanitary pads to the women of weaker sections of the society and has helped almost 15,000 women since the lockdown began. She had visited slum areas where no one ever thought of visiting due to covid 19 . She showed her trueself and helped the ladies. 

Now she had decided to continue her journey by keep on distributing the sanitary napkins .



Check out the different positions she holds in various organizations around the world:

“She is appointed as”



Secretary “NWCD” 

Dreamonx Global Ambassador 

State Chairperson,Youth Wing “NHRHF” 

Life Member, International women’s film forum   

Ambassador of Women Empowerment for MSME Chamber of Commerce & Industries of INDIA   

Member “SHISHT BHARAT” “ICMEI” International chamber of media & entertainment industry   


WYIMUN Ambassador 

Powerhouses Global Ambassador 

Country Director “Regional” UYG UK 


Ambassador SPMUDA Philippines   

International Human Right Commission    

Ambassador for Asia Pacific International Model United Nation   


Global Goodwill Ambassador (GGA)

Ambassador “My Body is My Body” USA   

Executive Director Synergy Global Health Foundation USA   


World Peace Ambassador World Peace Tracts Sweden   

Medal_of_Excellence for Education and Service to Humanity from Swidden   

Global Peace Ambassador Malaysia 

Child Ambassador “THAC” Finland   

Honorary Doctorate, Tulbu World Turkish Turkey   

Peace Ambassador New world life organization sri lanka 

Ambassador UNECOSOC SCS SDC.UNESC. South Korea   

Global Ambassador African Youth Development Foundation Africa 

Member international commission for peace right and freedom Indonesia   

Honorary doctorate in diplomacy, humanity and human rights - of the Institute of the Europe Roma studies and Research into Crimes Against Humanity and International Law Belgrade, The Republic of Serbia   


Her Story 

-Profectus Magazine

-Powerhouse Global Magazine UK

-Formidable Woman Magazine USA

-eYs Magazine Autumn 2020 Australia 

- Featured in the Premier edition of  Global Goodwill Ambassadors Foundation Magazine USA 

-Global Peace Chain  

-Stella Women Around the World Conference in Bahrain

-On this Episode of girls breaking grounds

-International Supporter for Deadly Guardians Australia

- Peace Tracts Sweden

-Dhasu Womania  Wep by NITI AYOG India

-LA Global foundation India 

-HER STORY Times India 

-The Magazine Plus Editorial- London



-iWoman Award

- smile to shine



-WHD India Chapter


 “Mansi” Social Media Links:-“mansi”-4b8074199

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