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Me, woman, society give importance after son, barrier and challenges of me,and need of worldpulse to overcome it.

Among all the women in the world, i'm one.How is the situation of one village girl when she will speak a word infront of everyone? If she dissatisfy the word of others.

The society where women have to take permission with men,women have to be respectful for men, silently obey the order of men even if men don't allow permission to do what she wants, even if men don't speak in favour of justice and equality between male and female, even if men make compail to do only in his favour respectively.Yes, this world is the world where women are dominated

I am from rural area of Nepal,from poor family, grown up as woman where there is no modern concept of change, Once there arrive guest at my home to talk about my sisters marriage,she was studying in class 11. They were searching girl as discipline, skillful, well manner, respectful to other for which they choose my sister. They told my mother \"what you are thinking, four daughters , each of them need to marry, very difficult to poor but we will help you\". There was no one more educated, four sister and one young brother. The man as guest used to give loan to us when we need. So, father became silent, if husband becomes quiet than wife what else to speak, My mother understand my sister feeling that she want to read more, she doesn't like to marry at this early age but if my mother utters words of her then guest can say \"no good sign of cackling hen\". My mother remain silent. No one to speak in favour of sister,she cried keeping her head in my lap. I asked sister, should i speak to guest. My sister burst out in tears and said \"sis leave it, its my fate, if you speak than no good sign, they will not help father in need of money. It made compail for me. Truely if i spoke to them dissatisfyingly the man wouldn't give loan.We all family members became silent cannot utter even a singal word what to do and what not to do. There was no solution, Finally my sister has to get marry.Luckily and fortunately my sister became success to please her bridegroom family and she is well now but all her dreams whatever she used to think remain only dream she never talk to anybody about it but she always inspire me to made her dreams come true.
I fortunately got scholarship in AUW, I need to labour hard because there are certain barrier and challenges to me, to improve society by women's effort is not an easy task.Being woman is my great challenges, blind follower of religion in my society, importance to son rather than behaving equally, rejection of women wants and desire, limiting in four walls all are barriers to me. Even i am in college and my brother go to school, my society don't think that i'm too educated. They think that i didn't know anything, i will became only known if i deal with all works which woman do in her home. Morever, i have great challenges being women ,second sex as society give identity, woman as other, foreign land, challenges in my carrier development, in convincing society, male and female are equal, challenges even in my own family as being daughter, in accomplishing my aim.The only solution of my challeges now is to meet with all such difficulties sharpen with it, try to learn more about womens empowerment. Let the society be awake, let meet my aim then oneday society can believe women can do as men. For women as me, we desire to have world pulse always in women's favour who need to change the society , to awake the society.As World pulse provide tools and knowledge to amplify the voices of women and emerege grassroots women leaders who at first learnt to speak themself and can convince others too.
There is a saying that \"A singal step of you in right path can lead you to success\". For every women world pulse can be right step in order to share story about her problems, challenges so that everyone can learn and start to give support to her. Through pulse wire women can get her first step of expressing her view for which women haven't got chance till the beginning of society.Women can speak for herself and raise voice against injustice, women can be capable.Pulsewire help introduce ourself to the community, develop confident in us by hearing different voices.

Finally, worldpulse is a worldwide women's voice through which women can be success to change her life and whole society.

South and Central Asia
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