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My baby and I at the summit

It takes grace to return to work that short maternity leave ie mostly 3 months. Life as a fresh mother having not done with the traumas it come with still need to resume work and be effective.

Just last week 25th July, 2023 in Accra, I happen to attend a Women Investment Summit organized by Oxford African Women Leadership Institute under the SHEconomy Project with my child of 1 year 4 months , that is to bring investors, financial opportunities and funding close to women in business in Africa.

The Sheconomy Africa Project under the Oxford Africa Women Leadership Institute (OAWLI) focuses on three objectives; Access to market, Access to Finance and Technical Support.

The CEO of the OAWLI Mad. Odelia Ntiamoh commended mothers who made a stop to nothing but made it to grab such a lifetime opportunities in her LinkedIn post

“Today my focus on the conference is mothers who made nothing stop them from coming to the Women Investment Summit Africa. These women made me proud. 

No one should put any limitations on us again because we have children. We can really combine. Mrs Rose Noah my pretty pregnant friend and the chocolate maker. congratulations, you brought your 3 year old son and unborn child. 

Semekor Augusta Georgette Kporvi you simply rocked it with your daughter, she is indeed a mini you.”

Lets join hands and advocate for the extension of the maternity leave and the work policies when one returns to work to ease the pressure from such new mothers.

NB: That woman has to take care of home (cleaning, cooking, tidying up, feeding ), drive to work with her child(another different level of frustration), and also be productive at work too.

‼️One May suggest that such family or women gets a help (maid) , but the question is, how many of you can entrust the upbringing of your child in the hands of a maid? ‼️

📌📌📌📌DM if you’re in Africa and interested in accessing fundings and also growing your business outside the shores of your country.

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