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I always dream to live in a community that will respect women and children. A community that will not take for granted opinions and perspectives of women and children. A community that will allow women to express themselves and does not look her expressions as a manifestation of weakness and feebleness.

This may sound too idealistic or too close to me that it becomes as if it is an egocentric dream--perhaps too exclusive that it does't encompass the whole community. But I am an incest survivor. And losing myself once have led me to the path of looking at the situation of other women and children. I cringed at the thought that despite all the laws and rights have been passed, a lot of women and children up to this day still suffer from the vast arrogance and hypocrisy of highly-saturated patriarchal minds.

And this dream actually brought me to my passion in arts. My fingers picked up the pens and papers, camera and camera lens, so I could write my thoughts, so I could capture pictures and images and make a film or photographs out of it. And eventually use them to assert, to express or to influence persuasively those who do not know or who ignores to know. Thanks to those people who believe in my capacity and look into my strength rather than my failures and limitations.

That is why I met various individuals and organizations who have continuously inspire and motivate me to move on and bring my knowledge to greater hieghts. I was introduced tofellow Mindanaonwomen and children from the grassroots community who have stories and tales that is more engaging than mine.

They have all the stories of war and conflict, of submissiveness and complacency, of conservatism and nonchalance.

Words may not enough to move people to become compassionate and to fully understand the qualms and reverberations down in the grassroots. I realized that film is far engaging. I have my own blog and I want to use film to educate. I want to shoot films to advocate.

South and Central Asia
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