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My Brother's Misfortune

Little things can remind you of the memories for long gone. For instance, one day of my friends and I have watched a movie about I-robot. I was interested in the actor, because he reminded me to think about my brother and the memories that funny and silly memories of when I stayed with him.
It happened at the time that I moved to live with my brother in the city after I got scholarship. One day, my brother woke up so fast. He rushed to school without eating anything. He spoke with the short breath that was so difficult to hear but I could recognize that he let me stay at home and asked me to respond with food. It was the first time that I walked out alone. The two wide- eyes of mine looked so innocent with the new big city. I felt that my legs stuck to the road because people looked so strange . Their teasing eyes stared at my off death dress and my shoes. I thought that I would walk back to my home, but I had no choice. I had to finish my respondsible. It was so difficult to buy the cooking stuff. I could not find one type of the ingredients.

Even though I used to cook I cooked with my mother. My mother mixed all the ingredients so I didn’t do anything with the food. Other than that, it was the first time that I stood in the kitchen alone. As there was no one with me, I decided to cook that food by my own ideas. I just mixed everything together. Fortunately, the food looked nice: the color was great and smelled like the food in the restaurants, but I didn’t know it teste. I was so impressive with that food. While I was waiting for my brother, I thought that he would be surprised with my new invention. When he came back, he asked me what the food was because he was so hungry. He looked so excited with my food‘s colors and smell. He ate a lot; he almost finished the full pot of the food. I didn’t eat that food yet, for I was full with the snack. Not after long time, he ran to the toilet over and over again. I wondered why?
Oh my god, he got diarrhea because of my food! I went to test that food. It seemed like sour and salty mixed together. I could not express the real teste, but I wanted to throw up. I so wondered how he could eat that food! I kept thinking but didn’t ask him because I was afraid that if he would blame me. After that he rarely ate my food.
I am in Bangladesh and he is in Cambodai, I want to apologize my brother from the distance. I never did good things for him. I hope that when I go back I will cook a wonderful food for him. I will show that there will not be those kinds of food that make him sick anymore.
thank you !!!!!

South and Central Asia
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