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my condolences to myself for this great loss of my mother this month of April

Hello my world Pulse family!
Nice to join you once again!
I have been through a very difficult situation which makes me joyless, plus I miss the joy of living. I lost my mother who was everything to me this April; April 04, 2021. I like her very much because she was all for months. She was taking care of our survival because my father had already had a problem with his feet. She started suffering from December 2021 until April 2021 from which she left us.
She just suffered from a simple cough. We had exams everywhere we couldn't see anything but the person continued to suffer. It hurts my heart this absence of my mother but I ask how we will grow up in this family of 9 children of which I am the eldest. We have 4 licentious because my mother did her best to make him study unfortunately God did not want us to stay with her Which gives me back the heart. God really how so fast like that I thought my prayer God is going to exorbitate and make her heal but God didn’t urge my prayer. It is really unfair I even miss the breath to pray following this event a little over two weeks ago.
I cry a lot for my mother God touched me in the heart. Who would I be without Him. All my plans and ambitions are turned upside down.
That his soul rests in peace.
To God my dear mother!

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