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My Gift from God

My Dear Daughter,

I never imagined that I would ever be a mom. Looking at the way my mother sacrificed everything for us when we growing up seemed like so much responsibility for one person. It terrified me so much because I wanted to be a good mom, a perfect mom. The only school that teaches us about motherhood is the school of experience.

After I married your father, it took us a while before we were able to conceive and this was because I had a hormonal imbalance that needed to be treated. We were lucky that the doctors were good and after several tests they detected the problem.

I remember when I found out that I was expecting, I was so excited. I didn’t know what sex it was going to be, until almost the second last scan when the radiologist told us that we were expecting a girl. I remember I had sleepless nights looking for a perfect name that would describe our first born daughter. When I found the name, your father was not very excited because he thought that many people would not pronounce it right and that you would be bullied in school because of your name.

“Donata” means a gift from God and you were indeed a gift from God. I had many doubts on whether I was ever going to be a mother and God blessed us with you. You were a strong and persistent baby and that says a lot about your character. I remember when the labour pains started, I had no idea that they were labour pains. The first scan showed that you were to be born on the 25th of July but you decided that was too far and you arrived on the 10th of July. I was in labour from 6am up to 7: 15pm when you arrived in a unique way. The labour pains felt like cramps and no one believed I was in labour.

Being a first time mother I had never experienced labour pains and didn’t know what was happening, until I felt so pressure pushing downwards and that is when I was rushed to hospital and as soon we reached the labour ward you arrived. So my dear Donata your spirit and character is very strong. I can see a leader in you, you are very beautiful, intelligent, determined, loving and caring. I know you will always look out for your siblings. What we didn’t have God gave you and you will always be our gift from God. 

The dreams we have for you are so many. We want you to be a God fearing girl and you have showed us how you love the Lord. You always remind us about Bible study and what Jesus says in the bible about good children. I want you to be an all rounded and a grounded person, someone who everyone aspires to be like. I see the way you lead your friends and give instructions.

My dear daughter the world is a tough place and I can see you have a very strong character that will transform the world. Always be respectful and mindful of others, never look down on others. Always help those who are disadvantaged no matter the situation.

I want you to live to your fullest potential, don’t let negativity hold you down. Always raise up and keep you head up high. It will not be an easy journey but knowing the cloth you are cut from, I know you will always be up there. Have friends who have your best interests at heart, invest time in your family and friends because that is the only way to build, maintain and nurture relationships that will lead you to success.

Always remember that you a special, you’re a star that never stops shining. You are the future and you should always make sure that you lead by example and always lift someone up. Never push or hold people down no matter the difference in culture or opinion. Circumstances change people but that should never affect you. Always be you, be who you are on the inside. Never be a hypocrite but always stand your ground and always speak out what is on your mind. You can never be wrong but you will many times have a difference in opinion and that should not affect your confidence or self-esteem.

I don’t know what the future holds for you and your siblings but I can only pray for the best. Do not try to be someone else, we are so proud of you and love the way you have become so creative in everything that you do. The way you built a house where you can spend time with your sisters and friends was quite interesting. We love you all to the moon and back and we want you to always love each other because before anyone else you have only each other.

Donata you a special girl, very intelligent, beautiful, artistic, loving and caring with a high spirit. I know there are days that you are low but before we can pick up you, you always pick yourself up and move on. The world is waiting for you and your ideas.

Be blessed my dearest daughter. We love you and will always love you and be here for you and your sisters.


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