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my journal and my asset map

Journey: _my Name is Lucy chepngeno , ,born in kenya , Rift valley province .I My was brought up in a family of 9 of whom 5 girls and 4 boys .My Mother passed away in the year 2014 ,May she rest in peace. In the year 2007,II trained in leadership skills e.g communication skills ,facilitation ,management ,conflict and grant writing. Since then I have mentored 50 mentees of whom some are my trainees, church members ,community members ,staff ,religious ,youth and children. I have shared my skills through giving seminars/workshop ,meetings and group sharing. I feel safe wherever iam with my mentees ,I ask advices from board of governors [committee of the school ,staff and even trainees ..I go to them because we trust one another. I will benefit from our voice of future training because it is dealing with women .i want to uplift the dignity of women more so those with disabilities, by giving the experiences of working situation both in the training and in local places of work .Developing their skills and abilities ,encouraging them to think for themselves Developing their confidence and mobility ,I mentor the women with disabilities very much because I have the skills on how to deal with them. ________________________________________________________________________
My Assets Map: My personally asset map is education and environment .i care about environment very much because without environment ,there is no life ..Every year on 8th march women international day ,I organize women with disabilities to plant different types of trees in the compound and I tell you our compound looks very green because of trees .i support the development of community resources for women and girls with disabilities using community based rehabilitation ,increase access to education for children and youth with disabilities ,in this respect I work in partnership with ngos ,faith based organization ,parents organization _,disabled persons organization .I partner with ministry of education through assessment and resource increase access to education for girls/women with disabilities.______________________________________________________________________
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