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My Journey

I am a young Nigerian woman, second child in a family of three girls. My mother was maltreated for not having a male child which eventually lead to divorce. I grew up in a low income community and i understand what lack is and what poverty can lead people especially young girls into. The big challenge i am facing now is developing and equipping myself and my team with adequate knowledge and information to be able to tackle issues in the community. There is a lot of poverty in my community which has lead young girls to going into early sex. Women see their children behaving in ways that does not align with their values but does little or nothing about it because they cannot even provide for these girls' basic needs. The men also take advantage of the poverty and ignorance to abuse young children sexually while the women watch helplessly without justice. To curb some the excesses of our young girls, i go to schools with my team to sensitize and educate them on dangers of early sex. Along side, we have started entrepreneurship training in schools. This is aimed at helping them discover their potentials, equip them with necessary skills and empower them with seed fund to start their businesses as early as possible with guidance from assigned mentors and their mothers. Through this initiative the girls now know that they do not necessarily need to have sex to get money for their up keep. They are more independent and their mothers have more rest of mind. I also wrote a book titled "WE CAN STOP THIS ABUSE" which I use in teaching children how to prevent sexual Abuse on them. A lot of women know the people who abuse their children but could do little or nothing about it, since even the law enforcement agencies do not see it a grievous offense. Being heartbroken at each news i hear on a daily bases, i decided to focus on prevention through educating the children and the women directly than pursuing the predators. To create change i would like to raise other women who will also take up this cause in their various communities. I will start a women mentoring group online to be able to reach out to more people. I will like to also collaborate wilt other women to develop an app for quick response in case of any abuse.. I am supporting children, girls and women with my action. My family, sisters and a lot of women mentors are supporting me in this cause. Daystar Women of Destiny are always available to help. I have gotten support from the pollination project to be able to provide seed funds to the young ones. I need to up my game on communication and leadership skills. I need to be more proficient on digital/technology skills, and learn more on digital marketing. I really love to use my skills and talent to serve the world and be happy as an individual. My happiness is usually complete when people around me are maximizing their potentials and reaching for their goals in life.

Economic Power
Gender-based Violence
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