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My journey – what sustains me!

I was born once and once again
To execute my life destiny
I improved skills learnt
To meet set challenges and goals

Bars were raised with new challenges
A rebirth was inevitable
I practice and mastered skills learnt
To survive life’s extreme tasks

Unexpected challenges crept behind
Crippling me to near extinction
Miracles do happen, unimaginable!
To let me survive the unexpected

Across oceans arose shocking challenges
Mastered skills were not enough
To survive the unchartered thoughts
An SOS was sent as last resort

With pride experts offered solutions
With their prejudices, beliefs and convictions
With my own mysterious structures
Me, challenged the devilish assumptions

The extreme mission of evolution began
Sharing and connecting is a survival challenge
That calls for compassion we need
To succeed the goal of peace and happiness

Me with limited wisdom, the search began
Me with contradicting infinite thoughts
Me, ready to protect humanity
I live ‘the worlds’ to Reach4Peace.

This was a very tough task for me to write a personal journey. The words I have written above was written last year when I was going through one of my toughest challenges. I have brought minor adaptations to reflect my journey with my present mind set. That expresses my life without exposing anyone one. For some unknown reason I feel safer to share my thought hear and I want to explore WorldPulse as one of ‘the worlds’ I experience. I am not sure of the future but I am adamant not to let history repeat itself. I am willing to commit myself to educate and work with others who have similar passion, values and motivation to realise a dream. I am hopeful that in WorldPulse there is opportunity for everyone and not for the dominant. The oppressed without a choice (or rather to scared to voice or not know any better) I want to represent. It was my searching that brought me to the Worldpulse. Most of the social networking is for entertainment to kill time in a wasteful manner, playing virtual games. Facebook is such an example. I needed something more meaningful. I needed global connection. I do not want to be casted to a corner without a voice.

I want to do something I enjoy rather than do due to obligation. It is free will that goes around Worldpulse that keeps me engaged.

South and Central Asia
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