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My new campaign for women and young girls.... welcome to Be Body confident!

The last month or so I have been creating the wonderful body art that has helped so many over social media and women as far as I can reach, it has given me so much confidence I couldn`t imagine I would have. 

I have been told I am inspiration and brave but all of us have this inside us no matter what we think of ourselves, just need to step out of the dark and head in to the light. We are worth a lot than we are seen as women, we are strong, brave, confident and gorgeous in our own ways just need to believe it to see it. 

I launched a new campaign yesterday Be Body confident !! I yet again expressed my self with my body art, and of course my mummy strips got a new set of underwear and blasted the hell of of what I love to do. This is for women and young girls all over the world be you because that`s how you can shine through.... and know there are other women just like who need that help.

So ladies... welcoming you to this amazing thing which I am super proud of its me! myself in all the ways I feel body confident in my our skin showing we are all wonder women... its time to have your super power and reach for the stars. xxx



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