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People say that you born in a country and you love it by nature me had a different thought about that I was taking it as a granted being a Sudanese and leaving in peace although my country went through one of the longest wars in Africa.
I know that we are a big country and rich and so diverts I come cross some of the aspect that show how complicated is our society and I still figuring out how things work in our culture being work in a civil society organization I need to know that in order to know how to tackle things and work for change so one of the challenge is lake of resources and researches.
One of the solution is that we as activist we are trying to network and exchange resources and work together as a team and using internet and web 2.0 has helped on that when you come cross useful website you share it a n link to it.
For me on a daily basis being working on a website I am always looking for new websites people whom are working in the same fields .
Taking parts on global event is a challenge and an opportunity in the same time.
Pulse Wire is offering us the chance to make changes in our society by using and lobbying for our internal issues if it’s still valid to say internal since we all became a one community and well fear of one part of the community is responsibility of other parts.
I am currently getting use of the exchange of opportunities and posting needs of our organization gave think of it or even know that it is possible.
Being part of world pulse wire community help me realizing my skills and how I can develop it, seeing other people and their journey and gave me the courage to share my feelings and thought .
Setting down and list things i do is even an addition for me, I always thing but being part of world pulse community me the post to commit and stick to regular time frame.
For me persolanly itisallways a challangeto makeusseof what the commuinty is offering to me and knowing what I can offer and in the same timeovercome thelimmted time I have and unregulaer access to the internet.

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