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My virtual teacher;web 2.0 and Me

I have been using different platforms under web 2.0, but was particularly unaware about its technical term. So, this was the first excitement for me. As it is generalized that women are not so active in the technical field, this added technical knowledge about web 2.0, was the first thing I shared among my friends, to start my day at the college. Facebook, blog, twitter, youtube, are some web 2.0 I have been accessing since long to serve my needs of personal and professional life. No wonder it has made my life much easier and enriched my knowledge to great extent. Adding to this, it has also been a platform to put forward my opinions and get rational feedback to groom myself. Hence I regard platform web 2.0 as my virtual teacher, mentor or guides name it.
I feel very fortunate to have access to internet, especially new media because in my country, Nepal internet is accessible merely to twenty percentage or even less of the total population and without doubt women are more deprived of this opportunity. The new media however recently has been playing a vital role in bringing up the voices of men and women from around the country. One recent example is the case of Anuradha Koirala, a social activist working for rescue, rehabilitation and protection from human trafficking in Nepal. She was announced as the CNN hero for the year 2010 through online voting followed by another International Manhe Prize by Manhe Foundation based in South Korea. Follow the links to know more on her, This is one of the best examples to cite the influence new media can have to empower women. The initiative of Anuradha Koirala has been getting support by large number of facebook and twitter users. Moreover, Anuradha Koirala from her organization, Maiti Nepal, has been bringing out different newsletter and cases of the trafficked women through voice records in the section “maiti ko sandesh”. Well this is just one case, but a very strong one to address the social issues and to bring about change in the existing vulnerable situation of trafficking of children and women in Nepal. The recognition from international community has certainly helped the organization to strengthen its efficiency and has boosted self dignity level of rescued victims of trafficking. Moreover, personally I feel more aware and informed about the state and vulnerability of being trafficked. I came to know of it from facebook and have provoked me to make the best use of the opportunities available to me. It might be too vague or cosmetic to say that I am reaching out to help those victims which is not so, however indirectly I feel connected to them and feel responsible to make the best out of my life, and for the global community where I belong. For me, empowerment starts from being aware and I am in the path towards awareness and empowerment as a whole. I must acknowledge web 2.0 for this empowerment.

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