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My World Pulse, My World!

I remember how my dream started, where it started

It all started here on World Pulse

Introduced to me by a virtual friend in Liberia, Laura

May blessings fall on Laura for sending me here in 2012


I came empty, I just came to belong to a community of women

I was longing to write, just write about my experiences and thoughts

As I came, I learned more, and received more

Today, I am proud to say, World Pulse made me who I am


I learned what women were doing in other parts of the world

Oh, I could replicate these in my country and be a change maker, I thought

I applied for the famous Voices of Our Future of 2013

I was accepted, and everything changed


From Voices of Our Future, I created Rescue Women - Cameroon

Since then, I have soared in community development and women's empowerment

I have won awards, national and international

I have uplifted souls and contributed in building the sisterhood brand


At World Pulse I have kind of always been the first

First group of those awarded the Impact Award

First group of Community Champions volunteers

First group of World Pulse Ambassadors


And Oh, first group of awardees of the World Pulse Spirit Awards

How rewarding?

How sweet?

How impacting to be part of a group of women lifting each other


Today I soar

With a long line of network building that connects World Pulse women

Women who support me financially, morally and spiritually

Oh, how rewarding it has been in here on this magic platform


If World Pulse was a man

It would be the only man I would long to marry

Unfortunately, it is not a man

I will stay single for ever and ever -- my choice


I may be a little absent on this platform these days

But I am always visiting to see what is up

I will always cherish my membership on here

Sincerely, one click at a time, I have build and everlasting sisterhood

Girl Power
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