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no one is born racist, racism is taught

This year is a year with its exclusive features. 10 years later; the day I will be ask about year 2020, I would first breath, take a cup of coffee and sit on a sofa because this year has a lot of surprising things. Would I first talk about COVID-19 which has globally touched the world? Or would I talk about racism that still exists in 2020?

And if I’m asked regarding GEORGE Floyd, I would answer that he is an American who was killed by his own American brothers, the unique sin was because he had frizzy hair, thick lips, flat nose , and a \"black\" body dye.

I would tell them that police officers with bad intentions led his head down on the ground.

Face down; knees on his neck, George called his mother who died 2 years ago on the same day

They did nothing

He begged for his life,

He begged for water,

He begged for pity,

They did nothing.

His nose was bleeding,

His body was shaking

He lost control of his bladder

They did nothing

He shouted, \"Officer I can't breathe»

They did nothing

Twelve more times he shouted \"officer I can't breathe\"

They did nothing

One last time he gasped \"officer I can't breathe\"

They did nothing

He lost consciousness

Deprived of oxygen,

His brain crumpled

He ran out of his blood,

A slow death,

Still, they did nothing

An adult man, crying for the woman who gave him life, as he feared to join her, he feared  to leave his wife and  his daughter,

Still they did nothing.

It’s really sad to see that racism still persists in 2020. We found it out just because there was a camera recording. What about those place where racism is done and  there is no yet camera to record?how many people have been killed out of the camera?

Black, white, yellow, red or other race; we are all the same. There is no a race that have black, white, yellow …blood color, we all have red colored blood. No one race has an extra head than others, an extra nose than others or an extra heart than other; we all belong to a HUMAN RACE

No one is born racist, it the society that teaches us racism.

Black people outside Africa always face words like, \"Which African country are you from? » “You’re beautiful for a black girl (you’re handsome for a black guy)”, “fist time for black men/women to….\" “Black women/men that has...” ….  These are indirect way promote racism.

There is a lot going on around the world and a lot that need to be done before we can class ourselves as equals. But I am proud because technology has helped us to bring the matter on the table .am proud of this community that unit together all over the world. People from different age group, religions, race, ethnicity, backgrounds’ that are coming together to raise awareness to Rid racism evil. With such support, strength and unity, there is hope for the future.




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