Not all that glitter is gold.

I was 26 and a married man of 54 insist he wants to marry me.

This all started as he kept giving me financial support when I needed it most in shool. He became so close that i felt i shouldn't hurt him because he was kind to me. 

He was patient with me until this faithful day he called me that he needed help, i went to his house ,i helped him with house chores and after that he called me to his room and grab me, i didn't screem because i felt he won't hurt me.

    I wish someone had educate me about opposite sex. I wasn't scared of the man until he naked himself and I ask \"what are you up to?\", he replied \"you will get to know when i finish. I told him i can't. But before i realise, he graped me with force and was not going to let me move. I didn't struggle, so i told him, \"I love you and i will be happier if you marry me. Then he slowly let me and said \"i love you too\". When do  i want to marry him? Then i to excuse to ease myself and i ran out.

I went  to tell my friends but  they were saying that man is matured, he has money he can take care of me

I refuse to be deceived by his lies.

        Please parent shou teach their children sex education..,.

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