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One day my dreams will come true

I'm called emmanuella, i am a Congolese by nationality.  i didn't get the chance to be in a rich family, but i got the chance to have great parents by my side. When i was young we were living in a place called goma,   i  always wanted to be a  lawyer  and that was my everyday's dream,  i started primary school then went to secondary but  then hoo everything changed just in a time that even i did not know what happened,  first  my father got kidnapped, a hard time started, my family and i was so scared until i and my siblings left school because my mother could not manage to pay for us school fees,  it was really hard for me  looking at  my mother  because i could see the pain in her eyes, we went in another place called beni we spent a while but it wasn't enough, they attacked  us and killed my uncle whom we've been living with, it was so hard for us   we had to flee in another country, we came in Uganda register ourselves as refugees and try to start a new life,   i knew  all the dreams i had before just became dreams because i didn't get that chance to go back to school and it was a heart breaking but I had hope and say one day my dream will come true because i did not choose to be who I am now, some ideas  came in my mind and say to myself that i should get married and make a family but i was just 15years old,  used to see young ladies like me having babies at their homes,  some are married while young, but i remembered and said that being a refugee its not a crime, i can still be the one i want to be.  SocI created a group of orphans, young ladies with babies, widow and women who wanted to join us, we started  making craft and design and teaching each other different skills, i know it was not what i thought I'll do but everything come with purpose, i thank God our group stood and we all believe we can make our dream come true being a refugee or not we can make our life better and have a better future.  

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