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Challenges and barriers to creating change in my community are as follows:

 Lack of a base for the collective effort (with people of common interest). Here I mean a ground or a platform where people of common interest team up to execute their ideas.
 Diverted interests, people in my community have different interests, many get motivated and become very active at the start but later get diverted by other activities or influences making it hard to make a firm move for change.
 Segregation, there is a tendency of the “rich” associating with the ”rich” and the “poor” associating with the ”poor”, and also tribalism. This makes the rich to ignore the ideas of the poor and the poor ignoring the ideas of the rich, the majority tribe ignoring the interest of the minority.
 Poverty, many people tend to look at an opportunity, project, association or movement in monetary gains. They want to be rewarded for their efforts, presence or actions in terms of money and when there is no money, they shun down their ideas, efforts and values and “run” way.
 Dictation and injustices where the local and or national leaders silence and demand for a “stop” of an action or activities. For example local leaders silencing women’s actions in promoting say family planning or standing against Domestic violence.

Some of my present solutions to overcoming these challenges and barriers

 Formation of common interest groups with constant drilling and motivations. I do believe if there is such a large number of people with common interest and determination there is a higher chance of success in whatever is put to table.
 Promotion of unity and oneness regardless of tribe, race, the rich or the poor. There is such a powerful talent hidden in the isolated group of people (Nobody is a Nobody)

PulseWire is an international/ global ground of networking, sharing ideas and skills, fighting for positive change, creating opportunities, training grassroot leaders at an international incorporated (put together) , shared ideologies. I have never seen or heard of any an online community as powerful as PulseWire or World Pulse!

So far I have:

 Introduced myself to members in my community given the opportunity (attention)
 Made friends of common interest and still making more and more and will make as many as “the willing – to – be” friends.
 Joined and hoping to join groups that share ideas in different aspects of life
 Make comments to questions in form of encouragements and ideas (guiding members in the right directions).

I am looking forward to:

 Forming a local social network of women aimed at building a strong drive for a common goal.
 Creating and hunting for opportunities and share with my entire community.
 Promotion of peace and Unity (discouraging segregation).

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