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Open Letter from Sam Rainsy Party regarding the barring of Mu Sochua to enter Cambodian meeting of Parliament


Prominent Member of Parliament of Cambodian Opposition Party Prevented from Attending IPU Regional Seminar at Inter-Continental Hotel, March 9, 2009.

Mu Sochua, MP from the Sam Rainsy Party was prevented from entering the "Regional Seminar on the Role of Parliaments in Promoting Peaceful and Sustainable Societies in South East Asia". The seminar is co-sponsored by the National Assembly, the Senate and the Inter-Parliamentary Union(IPU). The objective of the seminar is for elected members of parliament from S.E. Asia to converse on issues that are prevalent in post-war societies and on conflict resolutions and the role of Parliament during and after conflict.

MP, MU had an invitation letter from the National Assembly, did sign in but was not provided a name tag. As MP, MU proceeded to enter the seminar room she was stopped by the chief security of the National Assembly who stated that he received strict order not to allow anyone without a name tag in. He also acknowledged that he knew MP, MU.

The question is: Would the same order have applied to a Member of Parliament from the Cambodian People's Party?

Such treatment of an elected representative of the people is a violation of her/his right and dignity.

Such a treatment of a prominent member of a MP from the opposition party is political harassment.

Such a treatment of a woman MP is gender discrimination.

MP MU was barred from entering the 3rd Economic Forum on 5 February, 2009. The Forum was organized by the Cambodian Supreme National Economic Authority.

MP MU was scolded by the President of the National Assembly at a Women's Day event on March 5, 2009 for stating her view on Voice of America of the decision of the National Assembly to lift the parliamentary immunity of Sam Rainsy, MP and leader of the opposition in Cambodia. The decision of the Permanent Committee of the National Assembly clearly violated article 80 of the Constitution.


March 9, 2009

Northern America
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