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Our carrier path can also change technology ... DENTAL LABORATORY TECHNOLOGY

It is used to cover all edentulous areas in the patients mouth ar can be removed by the patient
It is used to cover all edentulous areas in the patients mouth ar can be removed by the patient

I grew with this mindset that if i am not a doctor, i am an engineer or someone big in the society... I search for schools, i did pre-entry exams that i miserably failed

i was demoralized that's true but what made me more angry was the fact that i did not think about a plan C, a ''What if'' plan. I never felt so down as i felt when i was home not doing anything, taking of my brothers while my mom and aunt are in the hospital ... Seeing others realizing their dreams made me more jealous than i thought 

Good enough i woke up from my slumber and started looking for a school, looking for what i can do as an individual and what seemed socially accepted like Medicine ... so i went for dental surgery. When i got to my school for applications, my points where too low for dental surgery and it was like back to square one and felt so sad but i knew i will be able to do something no matter what and i decided to do DENTAL LABORATORY TECHNOLOGY. Some of you may wonder what course is this, which brings us to how closed up our society can make us be and focus our minds only on those specific sectors than to broaden our minds. Dental technicians manufacture dental prosthesis including bridges, crowns, and dentures. They construct these devices based on impressions dentists and dental hygienists take of patients' teeth. Dental technicians also follow dentists' written and oral instructions

I admit that i was very lost in the beginning but the few months i have been in the system let me say, i realize that most women are absent. You will realize that there is no specific percentage attributed to women in dental technology or that there is no particular distinction between dental technology and dentistry but THERE IS. In my present setting, i can estimate that not up to 33% of women are involved. Why don't we as women make a move? Why don't we expand our skills? Why don't we create employments?. How many schools in dental technologies are there in our respective countries? Personally in mine there are NONE. I am not sure that people, especially women are aware of this course... WE CAN MAKE A CHANGE THROUGH OUR CARRIER. We can transform technology through this and i believe it; the world is become so full of technology and we need people in this setting to create that. I believe that we are able to make it, let's create awareness


These are some of my work i have been able to learn to do till date 

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