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Our Expectations determine our outcomes!!

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How about if I asked you to take a shower in boiling hot water? How about that? You would call me crazy. Right, that was exactly what people thought when they were asked to do it. Let me narrate the whole incident. During a training session, the trainer asked all participants to come out of the room. What they saw was ten small pools. They were told that all the pools contained water of different temperature. Participant’s job was to choose the pool of their comfort and then get into it. Within minutes almost all the class was in the same pool. You know why, because all of them were used to the temperature close to the temperature of their body. When asked, “Why”, they told that they rejected other pools due to either a chilly or hot water. But then the trainer told them that they were going to gradually move from one extreme to the other extreme of water, i.e. from almost boiling. First of all, they all believed that he was crazy. But with the trainer, they started moving from one pool to the other. They would spend 15-20 minutes in each pool; their body would adjust to this and they would then move to the next one. Within hours, they were in the pool with temperature almost as hot as the boiling and no one got burnt. You know why, because our creator has gifted us with this unique ability that we can train our body and mind for anything, any temperature, any food, any physical or mental exercise. this is flexibility that God has only blessed human beings with, and not given this to any other creature. If you brought a polar bear down, he would die. On the other hand, look at humans, they live everywhere, they could eat anything. This is why they were labeled as “superior brings” by their creator. You see, we do not want to come out of our comfort zone. We do not want to stretch, we don’t want to grow. Remember, if you wanted to achieve something big, you would have to take a few risks. You would have to stretch yourself and keep on stretching yourself. If you wanted to reduce appetite or reduce your sleep, remember you could easily bring it down to any level, without any discomfort, slowly and gradually. But you need to take a decision to act right now.

Take a decision. It is now or never.

"Neither can resist the human will that will shake even its stated purpose".

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