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Initiative Update

Our first Liluye / WIDC workshop has officially started!

It's official...our first, flagship workshop and collaboration with the Women Inspiration Development Center in Osun state, Nigeria has officially begun today with the amazing, sustainable guru and trainer Joshua Oyedele (pictured) to teach trafficked survivors how to make bags for four days! There are 15 survivor, artisan warriors interested in participating, our original target was 10, and 8 have attended. I hope that all them will be able to stay the course and benefit from all the benefits WIDC has to offer them, including PSTD/mental health resources, mentoring, trade skills workshops, and agency training to help them reintegrate back into society. Liluye is so excited, and honored, to be on this journey with you, Busayo Obisakin. Thanks for your trust, and hard work! May our collaboration be long, impactful and fruitful. Follow us on:

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