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WHAT IS THE FUTURE WE WANT?  That is the question.. I am working to answer.  There are some 30 global challenges requiring a global solution.. How we share our future is defined by how we share our planet. how we share our humanity. how we share our rule book and how we share our decision making.  I believe that we as humans are going through some of the most perilous times in human history  We now have the technological capacity to make ourselves extinct but we lack the spiritual maturity to manage.  I fervently believe in the power of women to be the change the world needs to survive. We need a paradigm shift and this is too critical to leave the field up to the usual suspects at the global halls of power.  I come by my passion to be an agent for global change honestly.  I worked against the status quo in a powerful international institution for 30 years.  I went there to be an engineer but ended up being an activist for systems change on the issues of development with equity.  How I got there was because I experienced first hand the pain of exclusion owing to race and gender.  I experience racial discrimination with colleagues and supervisors ignoring me in meetings or even going as far as to shush me.  But I was the mouse that roared.  They did not expect that a little girl from Jamaica would be bold enough to dare to challenge the status quo but I called on the spirit of my ancestors like Harriet Tubman and Marcus Garvey to help me stay true to me.   My teachers at my all girls high school in Jamaica used to always say - To thy own self be true.  My work lead me to be named a White House Champion of Change.  So I know that ONE person can start.  It takes courage, passion, vision, perseverance, hope, faith and love.  I believe we must as women internalize the global challenges so that we can be agents of change.   Thinking about the SDGs and how important it is for us to 'get engaged' --  I believe in the power of storytelling to create the future we want.   We must describe our stories of thrival so vividly that all the universe lines up to make them a reality. My project  THE FUTURES OF WOMEN has been going on since 2014. Every March I interview between 8 and 10 women on The Future They Want and I hope that if you listen to their ideas and dreams you will be inspired to do what you can to make SDG5 and all the other SDGs a reality.   Beyond this I also follow many of the UN Days and wherever I go I speak to people about the SDGs.  It is not a government thing... it is for all us.   Tune in to the 2018 Conversation series with women from Japan and India and Uganda and Morocco and the USA.   DO your part and perhaps we will be able to achieve #Thrival2030.   What is the future you want?  For more information visit

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