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Out of Reach

Today I am officially illegal where I am in at but the process of renewal of my visa is underway. 

I woke up not being able to call our driver nor he can call me to inform me about the time for pick up. I could have called with my wifi connection but he doesn't have a smartphone to get called via an application called WhatsApp. 

As the day progressed, I found myself struggling to get to my usual routine when I have no data connection and functioning phone line. I have to find strong wifi connections to attend my morning meeting outside my home. Or to borrow a staffs car because I cannot call the driver to pick me up to where he dropped me off five hours before. 

As I reached home I started hearing my phone buzzing. Messages are coming in succession wanting to be read quickly and answered. Nothing was urgent of course but it's unusual for me to wait to go home to receive and answer messages. I am a slave to this phone that I have to be available all the time. 

Then I decided to order food online---my fear happened ... I cannot receive validation codes to access both my mobile money services and my online bank to pay for the food and get satisfied faster. 

As I sit on my sofa overlooking Kampala I am penniless and out of reach. 

I know my issues are not a world problem, it's so petty I don't even know why I am writing about it. But I guess writing makes me think how silly life has become in this day and age.

Technology made it easy for many of us to live, but in the end, practicality remains the key to simple living. Having cash in the house means I can have food delivered without scraping all my small bills to come up with the total. Or just visit your friends and have a good chat or meal or drink whatever suits you or the time of the day you visit.

I guess I just have to follow my advice and wait out when I will be legal again. 

Cheers everyone!

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