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As the firmament of darkness tries to get pierced and fragments of light disperse with their might of luminosity to reach on earth, every dawn reminds us that after every dark spell there exists a ray of hope.

Isn't it real and so beautiful that nature teaches us and guides us through our toughest times with its unique way of expression? Whether it is about the path or about seasons, or about the impermanence, we can find solution for our questions in nature.

But hardly do we realize or appreciate the silent companionship of this nature, which often is left unnoticed.

Our environment tends to create a harmony with our thoughts and yet we fail to maintain that harmony because of the selfish nature of humans. Had we cared, understood, comprehended, appreciated the most precious gift of universe, our environment wouldn't have been affected or deteriorated such.

Traveling through different places and cities across borders , I realize,there is one string that binds us all together and which is bonds of humaneness tied by nature.

Mountains, rivers, valleys, trees, flowers, desert , oceans, sea, sky, moon,sun everything that we derive energy from are one irrespective of the sides of border on which they are grown, or they exist or can be seen.

They are free from the bondage of identity and the nomenclature and hierarchy of families . They play their part in silence without discrimination.What a priceless quality they render! We ,humans would require at least 1000 births to be selfless and such givers, even though humans are considered to be more evolved.

We are the ones who can develop our senses and can transcend into different levels of energies to realize and move forward.But the irony is, we still linger in the lowest form of understanding and act with our self centredness letting ourselves become more and more weak and vulnerable.

What we require is to accept, acknowledge our surroundings and respect the same ,whether it is nature, people or communities. Our perspective to embrace things will change many problems in the world.

Where there is need for a change , it will be changed, because persistent efforts with sincere intentions can bring the results. It is the harmony that we seek not the power of ruling our surroundings.

As women, balancing the duality of life and creating a niche for self along with respect is something which we all strive for. Our perspective, our efforts, our thoughts and moreover the willingness and urge to strike a harmony between our surroundings and us brings out the best of everything,whether for a home, office, career, nation or world.

We can be peaceful changemakers like nature which struggles to let the flow of life ceaselessly continue without disruption..

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