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Podium of Strength

Web 2.0 sparked in me several years ago the passion to know and express thoughts that made me who know that I have a right to live, and no one can live my life for me except me. Recalling my growing up years in the university where few had access to computers, or internet, where my friends and I had to book at least a week in advance to get a computer over night to see what others do in their world. It coincide that today the first person i read about online passed on into world beyond. I recall that night reading about Margaret Thatcher gave me a strength to be strong for myself and allow no one to cheat or defile me or anyone around me, by speaking for my rights and that of others. This encouraged me to build my passion for social justice and join various social movements.

Every where in the world women are increasingly becoming empowered and sharing their stories. Engaging positively and actively in the use of web 2.0 helped heal the sores and wounds of many women who cant share their stories with people that know for the fear of discrimination and stigma. So many women are dying in silence for not been able to speak out, but with various platforms; women are experiencing life in new ways and discovering new innovations to life they desire and dream.

Standing as unified force against oppression, gender based violence, abuses in all forms and injustice can sure be better but not worst with the advancement of women movement in utilizing all opportunities available. It provides we - women to learn and share best practices with each other. It brings to lime light the challenges face by us all while equipping us to solve them as one ( a stick of brown can be broken, but a several put together cant be broken) that is what digital media and social media is doing to women movement.

The various tools available is helping me and will continue to help me to reach to women and girls whose have been abuse one way or the other. It has brought smile to the Tattali girls victims of child marriage to have access to education and economic empowerment. The strength that lies in the excellent use of digital media and social media cant be exhausted rather it will open more avenue for empowerment.

To every woman who have suffered injustice, rape, incest or violence... you are not alone, we are all together... very soon our pains will fade away and sores disappear....

indeed to every woman... web 2.0 is a podium of strength

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Gender-based Violence
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