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Poorest Grave

Someone said the richest places on earth are graveyards. This is because in them lie books that were never written, stories that were never told and great minds that were suppressed. My grave will be the poorest grave ever because I will die empty!

When I was in secondary school, almost every writing assignment I touched turned into gold. Sometimes my teachers used my essays to teach the other students. When I progressed to high school, my writing aptitude was more obvious. So when my school was putting together a school magazine, I was appointed to be the editor-in-chief. This was when I wrote my first editorial and also edited submitted articles for the magazine. The publication of the magazine turned out really good. All these made me realize that writing is one of those things I came from my mother's womb with. My personal vision is to transform this talent into a powerful voice that will speak for those who have been deprived of their voices.

A good story is a great foundation for a movie script. That is why I further want to put the authentic stories of women on the big screen. I want to produce several short documentaries and short films (based on true stories) and place them on media like World Pulse and social media like YouTube. Why short films? Short films are ideal because through a short film one passes on a powerful message in very few minutes. I will further make feature length films that will strengthen the messages in my short films. This perfect combination of picture and sound that tells stories will certainly brighten the light on the empowerment of women. I want to see these films have a powerful impact on my community in particular and a ripple effect on the world at large.

The Voices of Our Future program is just what I need to set the ball rolling. I am spurred to be a VOF Correspondent because:
- My innate skills as a writer will be sharpened and fine-tuned so that I can write aptly
-I will be personally mentored as a female citizen journalist (this one particularly excites me)
-My stories will reach a wide audience and various influential bodies
-I will procure strong solutions for the liberalization of women
-My stories as a Voices of Our Future Correspondent will serve as the basis of video productions

When I look at the content on the Internet, I remind myself that the information did not just appear here. People made that happen. I want to be a fitting contributor to even more edifying content on the web. Unlike other media, information on the web is long lasting. It stays there; it can always be referred to. Nothing will please me like when other people get to see my work and there is this electrifying change that takes place.

My potentials, coupled with the training I will eventually get will make me a powerful voice. Mentorship has a way of shaping destinies. That is why I am thrilled to know that I will have a personal vision mentor that will help me shape my vision. It will be the first time for me to relate with someone who will help me personally to work as a citizen journalist. This is an experience I am eager to get.

There are lots of things happening that still need to be told. My heart beats for the oppressed in my community. I am determined to inspire change by telling stories that will create a better world for the Cameroonian woman. With my pen and my camera, there is no stopping for me.

As a Voices of Our Future Correspondent, I will die empty.

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