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Power to be the change..

My life can be described as a colorful roller coaster ride. Born in a family large traditional family of ten, I have been to the deep end and back, but through it all l have learnt of the immerse power that lies within. Having established myself from an early age as a leader, I remember being in trouble for asking too many questions and my mother describing me as hard headed if l had any views different from hers. I can only conclude that I was born with an incurable curiosity for answers.
At school I remember the other pupils always putting me forward to speak if they had any problems. The only problem with that kind o f leadership was that I quickly created a reputation as the “problem pupil”. From fighting sexually abusive teachers and corrupt governmental officials to finding the strength after a verbally abusive marriage and continuing to inspire other people in between has been my journey so far. It was after sharing a story with a friend a story l had written that they send me a link for world pulse. I remember feeling like a child in a candy store, here was a place where l could freely express my mind whilst inspiring and keeping in touch with other women. Just the idea of saying my mind without facing stigma sends ripples of joy in my heart because it is only through information that one can be truly free.
Freedom of expression is a big issue in Africa, not only in the political context but also from a social context where one is often fighting against societal norms and practices that have reined supreme for centuries. This is to the extent that many women have died at the hand of their spouse as tradition decrees that a man has a right to discipline his wife. It is also interesting to note that many male of the perpetrators are never prosecuted. Further still it is important to note that in an abusive marriage it is often other women who tell you not to leave your abusive husband or your mother who tells you that the man paid a lot of “cows” for you therefore it will be a disgrace for you to divorce. Thus is conclusive that as women we carry a heavy burden of shame further that there is the burden and responsibility of trying to make a marriage work whilst portraying a smoke screen of a perfect marriage. To this extent, I am inspired by the whole concept of World Pulse and what it stands for.
My personal vision is to inspire women to be the best they can be despite their past, tradition or personal battles. It is my opinion that as women we need to flourish in our roles and stop looking down upon ourselves, there is a treasure of unexplored riches inside of each and every one of us.

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