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Powerful Communicative Spirit

For me Communication process has many connotations. Every one of us is always surrounded by words and ideas. They reach to us through different mediums and resources. They intend to inform us, entertain us and influence our thinking. To me, web 2.0 is a process which symbolizes all this from killing time to professional interactions.
It is a powerful tool of expressions which cuts all barriers of all dimensions- National Identity, Culture, Age, Religion, ethnicity and likewise. Web 2.0 as it is more than a comrade, as it is always available with me at all shades of my life. It is actually a strong change-maker to bring a change in my life by connecting me to my dreams and many times it had played the role of a stress buster. It is more than a pal.
What is more awesome about it is that there are no language barriers in this. It is the simplest way to spread my word through a bonding with blogs, facebook, twitter, you tube, Linkedln and much more.
I am driven to the tools of web 2.0 as it helps me to find ideas and connect with the global people to think about the social change and interestingly to share views and get suggestion to bring that change actually on ground.
I have seen the people through this powerful medium who actually find their cause of helping people larger than themselves. It helps as a moral boost to keep ourselves motivated when things go against the tide and to join the whole gamut of emancipated group through this tool.
Seriously, I can’t measure the metrics of this powerful metrics. But undoubtedly it does make a difference. All the applications of this tool are worth time. The excitement makes much sense when I keep a track on the likes, dislikes, uploads, re-tweets and other updates to keep the things going.
The application is a combo of fad for many but the trends of the web 2.0 have a real staying power. The personalization factor is super liked by me as it recommends friends, applications and other activities as per my interest. We have the choice to broaden our links and activities beyond our interests and knowledge.
I get excited when I see the information exchange to make best use of our experience through various tools. We collaborate with so many unimaginable people even celebs through social networking sites which is amazing!
To have a weblog is a catalyst to expand our work to the larger group and to people who are at helm as it records our work and disseminate it as per our requirements and interests. The blog acts as a powerful advocacy tool which is an important segment of my excitement.
There are plethora of reasons behind my excitement of web 2.0 and the fascination graph keeps on going up whenever something meaningful makes me to browse for more innovations and update them.
Web 2.0 is about something I love, I am endlessly excited.

South and Central Asia
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