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Perhaps the inspiration of a great writer of novels using the scenario of the southern area of ​​Rio de Janeiro, did not have to look at pictures to speak of an uncharacterized slum, if indeed walked in one. Creating a setting for scenes as the goodwill of the overlapping character of the middle class to protect family members favela residents described in several scenes.

Just go to the slums and there will be more realistic scenario that inspiration can register, enjoy scenes of life, stories of struggle, conquest and great understanding of the context to where you live and / or work.

The scene I refer to the past where girls experience radiacal change my life and many friends on account of being a slum resident of the neighborhood where the novel develops, and that had been transferred en masse to another region.

I do not know what the fate of several young people who died in the City of God 70 years in favor of a decentralized policy of removal of human beings and focused on the dictatorial power, it would not be so alone, left to their fate in vulnerability to risk social disaster caused by violence between gangs.

Mothers and fathers of these young men left their small children and teenagers to work in the homes of powerful this place, mine was one that served to clear their paths, pass their shame with love and cooking food, but not for live in the same neighborhood.

This generation was abandoned because of the minimal survival.

Slum itself is not interesting character to media coverage, their stories have no plots interesting and beautiful, are poor, it serves to move the machinery of consumption. Serve to clear the way of those who oppress them.

If you create a novel would have turned to the slum audience? Or flags decorating the stage like the feast of St. John in the countryside?

Whose story changed a charge for the abandonment of the government and imposed by the family need to work?

The Statute on Children and Adolescents has not ruled the right of boys and girls of our country? Children were unprotected by the state.

The Leblon Leblon of today and 60 years, burning up in flames in a cleanup of poverty, a quilombo being discarded on account of the real estate value what you have in common?

At 10 years old I read an essay of my own at the Estadio da Lagoa Rodrigues de Freitas was tender Public Schools of Rio de Janeiro thanking teachers, and the direction that we welcome with much love and solidarity within its area in the floods.

At age 10 I went to babysit, because of the transfer of the slum, my brother who was Boleira (catcher tennis balls) to move from the Jacarepagua to Leblon where he worked, evading the school.

We are workers, but were hurt by the distance from our place of origin, with parents working in the south, having to take custody and protection of younger siblings, leaving to be a child. But we are alive, but the flame still burns, the wound is opened in the past where one died several friends turned down the shantytown.

I do not regret my life, I know all I could build was the cost of my desire to see a more egalitarian and responsible with the greatest assets of our life that is similar.

Then ask if he had died in the flames of power in the Praia do Pinto Fire, it would be news, would be an interesting character to a great author? I think not.

Although not born an author who create their characters thinking of the majority who watch their creations, where the viewer (community) can be recognized, and for what? For those who do the programming is done? The authors seek a romantic language where the poor will be a domestic servant or even the figure of a professional and be reminded of bad character or subject. Who seek to please in the process of building character? Reality learned from power?

And the scenes are still winning world, invading the homes of all social classes, the reigning luxury, beauty and standard, and a character getting out of the slum, one that is not chemically dependent, that is not marginal, not is a domestic servant.

And the slum student, worker, father, or the subject is normal, representative of the majority population of our country, this character does not matter?

Continue encouraging a distorted view of reality in our country, promoting the desire of the unattainable with an impoverished language, but dressed in brand label.

This was my home, my slum!

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