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Rafiki Wave An excitement for Rural Women

Jambo Rafiki

I wish to report that Our Rafiki Wave is stirring excitement amongst rural women as many request to be matched with Rafiki Club members.

New report received 17th March 2009 from Shianda village in Mumias, Kenya reveals that at least 20 women gathered in the beginning of the week to start a Rafiki Club. The women under the leadership of mama Phelister Amakobe a 55 year old widow said they believe that through letter writing they will be able to share the experiences of women from all over the world.

Only Ten names of Rafiki club members had been shared with this new group but the turn out of women after an announcement at a church service on Sunday overwhelmed the coordinator.

According to a list of rafiki names attached hereby ten more women in this centre still need friends and it is our hope that we can recruit more women to share in this empowering exercise

Of what importance is it to write letters yet information and communication technology has improved over the years. Well our first and main objective is to allow women to break barriers of lack of access of internet in the rural villages that isolate many women from news and events that would otherwise inform them of their rights. Through letter writing we aim to fight illiteracy by educating rural women woman to woman. As we all now know, when we write a letter to a woman in rural Africa, we give her a chance to read. and when she replies our letters we give her an oppotunity to write. That way she can learn how to read and write by telling her own stories.

Secondly, women in remote villages never find any reason to read. If she is married, the newspaper bought once in a "blue moon" is the property of her husband. So receiving a letter from a friend is an empowering tool to reach to a woman whose place is defined as the kitchen.

Through letter writing we can share dreams, life goals and also find a platform to network. Our diversity is our strength woman to womankind

Here now is the New Rafiki Match.

Maria L Rafiki to Phelistus Amakobe
Danielle Prince Rafiki to Philice Onyango
Susie Switzer Rafiki to Christabel Lukandu
Rachel Dutil- Rafiki to Jeridah sakwa
Lutiguard amakobe Rafiki To Sharon Verhaa
Ginny Tschanz Rafiki To Praxides Omukiti
Catherine Harr Rafiki to Mildred Muyendo
Amy Boulanger rafiki To Sophia Malaha
Jennifer ruwart Rafiki to fransisca Omukiti
Annette Leslie Rafiki to Seline Amboka

I wish you all a lovely Rafiki moment as you wait for your letters. Remember to post your feedbacks and to invite more friends to the club

Your Rafiki

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