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Raising Women to explore and Integrate Technology.

What project are you leading right now and how does it use or improve technology?

I have had a diverse number of community projects across 17 Global South countries in Africa. 

Recently, I launched the \"I-be-Lady-o\" Workshop program - an expression of STEMi Women - to raise young girls and women participation in technology, learning outcomes and provide career support resource tools. This project is an outgrowth of STEMi Makers Africa where we offer an extensive range of career and personal development talk, enlightening discussions and inspire conversations from trailblazing Advocates in Science and Technology who are speaking out to challenge the status quo.

This led to creating a safe space where women communicate their ideas, collaborate in small clusters and iterate solutions with the Design thinking process. They dig deep and brainstorm project ideas to determine how they can use Technology to solve business needs or make a positive impact in their local Communities. The program gives them a powerful incentive to put themselves out there, totally unapologetic and proud. This corrected the negative perceptions that females develop in STEM fields and improved focus by motivating them to explore typically male-dominated fields.

For example, women in Yomboma community of Sierra Leone built Data logging IoT weather stations to utilise the data collected from their IoT climate system and monitor crops, soil quality and control pest in farm produce.

How many people will be impacted by your work?

Presently, we are providing an ecosystem for 41 women Entrepreneurs with key support access to Technology tools (Cloud, Data Analytics, Cognitive computing, mobile, Security, IBM Watson) to help them incubate, innovate and commercialize ideas in key areas such as healthcare, finance, Technology, Manufacturing, and also collaborate with similar Industries.

What do you need to reach your goal?

Collaboration and partnership with more women. Working with more women in the STEM field and partner organizations will be an opportunity to build a solid industrial growth of talents and equip more younger women/girls to design sustainable solutions to critical problems using technology.

What successes have you had? 

One of my biggest successes was emerging as a finalist for the Role Model Category Techmakers Award, London, 2020. This award is in fulfillment to inspire the next generation of technology leaders, either by teaching new skills, acting as a mentor, providing support  and encouraging more diverse communities to pursue careers in technology or similar activities. As an organization, we were recently awarded by the USA Consulate General, Lagos for Integrating STEM and Innovation development to 100 Educators in 3 Under-served Communities.

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