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Redesign the Table to Create Infrastructures of Peace

Almost 25 years ago I made a change in my life to walk away from violence. Hurt and troubled it took me a long time to speak about it. To not be angry including with myself. To reconcile myself. To understand that the root causes of violence were not me.

Today I am looking ahead to a new 25 years:

  • Grateful for the Feminist and Women's Rights Movement that has enabled a culture of legal rights and protection;

  • A Feminist Faith community, including male faith leaders, who are willing to be transformative;

  • Women-led media platforms like World Pulse that engage, enable, empower and amplify;

  • Women's funds that mobilise the investment in our Feminist and Women Peacebuilders campaigns;

  • Civil society allies who amplify our call to #redesignthetable so we can transform structures that perpetuate violence to Infrastructures of peace

  • I uplift the work of sisters from the various movements who willingly bring our learning and experiences together to co-create Feminist Coalitions 

I stand with other mothers and survivors, sisters and daughters committed to transform our pain into processes of leadership and claiming the spaces for Sustainable Peace and Nonviolence.

#IStandWithHer #16Days #GenerationEquality #EndGenderBasedViolence

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