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Long time ago, I have hoped to take part in some activities that are connected to migration, especially refugees. I want to learn more about their lives, obstacles, and strategies to overcome these problems. I want to contribute something to their unstable lives; indeed, they live in present days without knowing anything for the following days. Their lives are boats in the rough seas. They depend on the helps of others. Poor them! They try to live on small rations, put on used and torn clothes, sleep on hard mats, and dive themselves on unsafe water from adjacent rivers. Many times, I have wondered why their lives are so pathetic. In fact, some of them have co from affluent families in which they have savored happy minutes with their beloved ones. All of sudden, wars have come and their lives have been reversed. Instead of happiness, after the wars, they live many days with empty stomach due to hunger, swallow eyes due to fear and sleeplessness, absent minds due to nostalgia. Members in their families were isolated in four corners of the world. Wives are dying to see their husbands; children are dying to see their fathers, and old mothers are dying to see their sons. And, they have become refugees or asylums. Fortunately, some of them can receive the helps form international organizations or NGOs, so new doors open before them. However, how many of them are lucky enough to receive these aids??? And how long have they been waiting for these benevolent donors??? Shortly, lives of refugees may be considered as the worst in this globe. Nevertheless, researches about them are still finite, which proves that the number of people who fret about them is still limited. Hope that many insights about refugees will multiply like the number of viruses so that ten years from now the number of refugees can be counted on the fingers.

South and Central Asia
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