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Remote Management, Monitoring and Verification (RMMV) - Can it help you?

I was pleased to get an invitation to  a Digital Global event coming up.  One of the links they sent spoke about “In Mozambique, students are enthusiastic about the Spatial People Network, which uses OpenStreetMaps. They not only add data to the online maps, but also acquire experience and skills for their professional lives.

I mention Mozambique because I have spent more than 3 years there, the last night in 2008 as I visited rural communities along the borders with Zimbabwe, seeking to interview people crossing the border looking for ways to feed and take care of their families.

At the time, we discuss often how they would like to see development in the communities that they had been forced to flee due to the hopelessness they were experiencing trying to survive.

TODAY, finally at the mid-point of the Sustainable Development Goals 15 year campaign to improve the World We Want, there is appearing glimmers of hope to overcome the problems experienced during the COVID outbreak which greatly slowed down development opportunities.

Check out the Digital Global webpage - 

 Need to test and improve these systems – get involved with digital global for creating a global public good -

I really like the Really like the RMMV concept, and hope members of this World Pulse platform will comment upon it. – Pushing for transparency to speed up achieving sustainable development goal outcomes by a) demystifying the complexities of development; b) through engaging citizen action to remove excuses for development; c) by mapping and analyzing the problems; d) by empowering local communities to collaborate with other actors on development planning and implementation; and e) a great way to level playing fields and engage people working collaboratively for the World We Want.

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