Rescue Women Got its First Donation for The 2015/2016 Academic Year; Thanks to World Pulse!

Donated by Terry Mullins to the Rescued Girls of Bai Kuke

Donated by Terry Mullins to the Recued Girls of Bai Kuke
Donated by Terry Mullins to the Recued Girls of Bai Kuke
Donated by Terry Mullins to the Recued Girls of Bai Kuke
Donated by Terry Mullins to the Recued Girls of Bai Kuke

What can be more soothing than having people help you to help others. When I began the Rescue Women Mission immediately after taking the VOF Training in 2013, I did not see this far. I never imagined that what I intended to do could attract good-minded people to donate to its course. I never thought people would consider my venture very-very impactful to the point where they wanna give their hard-earned money to support girls in a far-off village they have probably never [ever] heard about. Like a lone grass in a garden, I sprouted, and before I grew up, several other grass and trees grew around me, giving me the desired companionship for survival. What a world! Amazing!

On July 7th, I wrote this update about Rescue Women's Girls Scholarship for 2014/2015; how it went and the way forward. Little did I know that somebody somewhere would read it, appreciate it, and donate to it. [You can read the post here ]. Barely one day to the publication of that post, I received a WP private message from Terry with the headline "How Can I Donate to Your Organization?" I couldn't believe it. Terry wrote:

"Hello Nakinti - I just read your post "2014/2015 Rescue Women's Scholarship Ends Well; All Girls but One Promoted to Next Class". I am so moved by your efforts and dedication to these young girls and would like to make a monetary donation to your organization, how can I do that? I hope to hear from you soon. Much love to you! Terry"

My whole body was shaking as I read the message over and over and over and over. I clicked the reply button but I couldn't type, my fingers were trembling. I pulled back and leaned on my chair with my eyes focused on my room ceiling. As emotional as I naturally am, tears forced itself out despite the fact that I wanted to be strong for once. Ashamed of why I was crying instead of rejoicing, I quickly sat up, cleaned my eyes with one end of my night dress, pulled my laptop closer and sent Terry a reply. As I wrote, a thousand words of joy and appreciation were coming out of my fingers -- I kept writing and smiling. I was smiling not for myself but for my girls.

Terry finally sent $200 yesterday via Western Union Money Transfer which I cashed successfully. Before I left the payment agency I remembered Terry's words in one of her messages which says:

"...I was struck by the girl's desire to learn, to read...and I was saddened to read that what kept some of them from being able to do so was the lack of money to buy kerosene for their lamps or even worse, that some girls could not even use the kerosene lamps in their home. If the money I send allows you to buy these girls the solar lamps you talked about, I would be so very happy!!..."

Wao! At the thought of those words, I stopped a taxi and shouted "Total Petrol Station" and piiim, the driver horned in acceptance. Total petrol station sells one of the most trusted solar lamps [d.light] which has a two years warranty. They have different models. Looking at the total money I received, 112,496frs CFA, I settled for the S300 model which cost 16,200frs CFA per lamp. I bought six lamps for my six girls, costing a total of 97,200frs CFA, leaving me with a balance of 15,296frs CFA (about $26). I rushed to my house with the six lamps, displayed them on my computer table and started taking photos in excitement.

I am just thinking, if I can be so excited about this, how excited will my girls be? Even though I know that the lamps are going to be used for the whole family, I will take my time to explain to the family heads that the first use is for the girls' reading.

It is worth noting, that Terry is the first non-Cameroonian donating to Rescue Women and this will remain a landmark in the life of my organization as it grows. I value every donation and my plan is to fix a corner in my office, if I ever grow to have one to place portraits of my donors. This is in the works already.

Thank you so much Terry! Your purse will never remain empty!

Thank you to everybody who have given moral, spiritual and financial support. May you all be blessed! Blessings!

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