Rewriting the Script: My Story

The third of 4 girls, I was born in a small rural community called Haddo, in Westmoreland, Jamaica. The neighbours called me star because I shone so brightly. As an avid reader, I was always at the top of the class and chosen to perform at major functions, both at school and in church. My books took me to far away places of palaces and princesses so I knew I wanted to broaden my horizons from an early age.

From the first time I visited my cousins sprawling house in the city, overlooking the bay with a pool, I knew I wanted to live there, so as a teenager, I moved to the city where life was much more convenient. Here I spent the next decade or so improving my life through diligent study while finishing high school and college. After that I began helping people in banking. Then I took advantage of an opportunity to participate in an international exchange between Jamaica and Canada in which I helped students at the Souris Consolidated School. Through this I learned to accept people no matter what their beliefs or sexual orientation.

Later I helped peope in the airline industry to board the right flight and then by taking them to their final destination safely, as a flight attendant. It was a wonderful experience and I travelled to many countries and met many interesting people. In the quest for growth I chose to pursue higher education. Living on campus with students from all over the Caribben was a great multi-cultural experience because , although we are from the Caribbean, we all have our own unique cultures and it was good to enjoy Carnival, a Bajan Lime, learn to cook curry beef , the whole works. I even hosted a radio programme \"In the Pot\" in which I interviewed retauranteurs or students and discussed recipes.

I remembered how happy I was teaching in Canada so I went back to the basics of education and joined the University team as a teaching assisant. Tutoring older and younger people from diverse backgrounds and experiences was such an enlightening experience, but I was naturally drawn to the second city where I really felt at home so I went back to teach there. Shortly after that the opportunity came up to teach overseas and I took it.

Leaving Jamaica was bitter-sweet. I know that through this opportunty I will grow but I really want to go back and make a positive contribution to the society and improve the lives of women. I'm learning a new language and embracing a wide range of cultural experiences that challenge my values and beliefs. Through continuous self reflection and meditation, I am preparing myself for greater opportunities that will come my way.

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