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Initiative Update

Routine Medicine OutReach and Picnics For People Living with Sickle Cell Anemia

Hitting the big 4.0 means different things to different people. For me, it was a quiet, reflective time of deep gratitude. Gratitude because many didn't even believe I could survive 21, but here I was hitting 40, stronger and very much alive than I have ever been.

That was a few years ago. These days, there is so much plomb and fanfare when many reach 40. For my dear younger sister and sister- in- arms in sickle cell advocacy Anne Chantal, however, she traded all that and decided to have each of her ruby wishes exchanged for 2.500Frs (about $5). Her reasons? So that sickle cell warriors in Cameroon could be able to afford an essential drug in the lives of persons living with sickle cell (SCD). In her own words, she was inspired by our previous medical drives to help us reach many more warriors.

This call for ruby wishes for medicines went on from October 24th 2020 to Jan 31St 2021 and on March 5th 2021,what we could gather was enough for us to reach 50 warriors with this essential drug to last them for 3.5 months and because SCD is a condition characterized by pain, I as the person on the ground co ordinating things and the.distribution decided to include much needed packets of pain killers in the gift bags.

Our target this time was Ndop, a village in the troubled Anglophone region of Cameroon. The situation of the warriors there have been made extremely worst by the ongoing conflict. We were not able to reach all the 175 registered warrirors not only because the money raised wasn't enough to reach all but also because many have been displaced by the ongoing war.

All the same, being able to reach 50 of these beautiful kids and making them and their families smile was well worth every ruby wish exchanged for 2.500Frs. Getting this essential drug which many have difficulties buying was so fulfilling and I am grateful Anne decided to use us at Joy2Endure to be the vessel of this noble gesture.

We also made sure they had water and some light refreshments. Those who couldn't attend either because they were in school or hospitalised had theirs collected by their parents.

The next day the 6th, we had a fun day out for warriors in Yaounde. Due to the COVID 19 restrictions in place, we had to try to limit our numbers and keep our activities short but entertaining and educating. The goal of the picnic was to help these amazing kids see the other side of life...that there is more to life than pain and hospital stays and in so doing, help increase their positive-o-metre.

We had fun starting at 9am and by 12noon, we were done. 65 people had amazing fun, 50 0f whom were warriors.

The medical outreach is the 4th we are doing and the picnic, the 2nd. My desire is to see these out reaches grow and benefit many more warriors across Cameroon. $5 each donated can make this possible. Support us if you can, as we try to plan our next activities and medical out reaches, thank you.


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