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Sacred Sisterhood Sacred Circles

It is the women I love

Those women who meet with me in the woods

Who call us to circle with their drums

Who come to dance ourselves into our own power


Those women who call on us to create a shift

To find and use our voices

Reminding us

That we are not asking 

We are commanding

We are not here to play small*

We are here to create change

Not to listen to more false promises

Centuries of lies and excuses


It is the women who I love

Who come as storytellers

With stories of their lives

With stories of our ancestresses

And the sisterhood

That for the first time in the history of this world 

Is now connected globally


It is the sisters that I meet online across distance

That I love

I imagine that we are meeting in the woods

As we share these stories of survival everywhere

We healers of the world

We women

We know what we have been born into

We list and document what needs to change

Generations of this violent treatment

This takeover determined to keep hidden

The true history of this world

The herstory being carefully uncovered

And brought forward**

Of times and places in which women were and still are 

Honoured as leaders

Every one of us

Honoured for our beautiful selves


Places and times in which no one is hungry

In which there is no war

In which we drink clear water from our lakes

In which we grow and gather food in harmony

With each other and with our beloved earth

In which there is no violence


This is what we know is possible

By our meeting with each other in the woods

This is what we know

Through our stories from and to each other

Put to drum and dance

Put to poetry and song

As we sing lullabies to each other 

Across time zones as we sleep

As we memorize each others news

As we sing, and dance, and chant our ways forward

We continue to rise


And the sight, the sound, the taste, the smell, the feel, the sense of each other,

And the knowledge that we are in each others lives

Together, in the presence of our grandmother trees

Our sacred drums,

Our sacred dance,

This is the celebration we have longed for

Dreamed of 

Dreamed up

Know has existed throughout time

This is the celebration we must never lose again

Now dreamed into these precious lives

We are living with each other

Rise, sisters, rise

Now we are rising together.


*Thank you Qween Hollins

**Max Dashu

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