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Sacrilege of Humanity

The humanity used legislation against humanity. The insane attitude of powerful hands pushed the sane innocent into the burning kiln. They were accused of desecrating the Holy Book of Muslims. A couple who were burnt alive for alleged blasphemy cries at their house in Kot Radha Kishan near Kasur Pakistan.

Blasphemy is a sensitive issue in Pakistan with allegations often promoting mob violence. The sacrilege of innocent is a part of our society. We are often subject to harsh practices like target killing, suicide bombing, raping, killing, adultery and assaulting minority rights. It is a part of our society that should be handled by the government recklessly.

It is a dire need to beef up security measures and protection of every citizen’s life my Excellence otherwise it will be great danger for the democracy and state might go towards anarchy. Oh, yes our fourth pillar of the state clearly portraying the picture of incident happening in the society and bringing into the notice of the state and international community but it is our leaders’ responsibility to coup up with such issues.

We need to strong our law enforcement agencies and legislators to shield and shelter commoners and if the power stayed in the hands of some of the people and misused the result is anarchy but My Excellence every citizen believe that you are strong and firm in your decisions and gives us a nation where every person live freely without any harm and insecurity. As Mr. P.M you promised with the common people to change the lifestyle then yes you can do it and please do not wait for a right moment take a moment and make it perfect…..

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